Legal advice about the German social security system for self-employed people and artists

1.081.000 people immigrated to Germany in 2012. They have to learn a new language, to accustom the new surroundings and to understand the German legal system, e.g. in taxes and the social security system. Many immigrants are going in business for oneself and of course they are getting help in tax-affairs of their tax-advisers.

But who is helping to look through the German system of social security?

These are the legal advisers for social justice (Rentenberater). They are working like attorneys at law, but, like the tax-advisers, who are only entitled to work in tax issues, the legal advisers for social justice are only entitled to work in social security affairs. But of course, they are specialists in these questions.

Many self-employed people, such as master craftsmen, every kind of teachers, midwives, artists, those in the publishing professions and others, are compulsorily insured in the retirement pension insurance – but they don´t know.

That is a high financial risk, because they are compulsorily insured. Every firm or self-employed people will have during the years tax audits or audits of the social security. Without a correct registration to the social security system, the authorities are entitled to ask for contribution for the last more than four years and a high late payment fine.

Beside this financial risk it is certainly recommendable to be insured and to be entitled for an old-age pension or an invalidity pension. Even when you are not thinking to stay in Germany advanced in years, you will usually get the German pension in your home country. Therefore are social-security-agreements between Germany and nearly every country in the world.

Please feel free to contact us for a professional advice about the German social security system in your individual case.